UH-OH! Overheard: The Problem with Sensors

I don’t know any sensors (at least haven’t had them tested) so I can’t say for sure that my opinion is of sensors necessarily, however I have a pretty good idea of what the problem is.

I find it incredibly, incredibly tiring to be around individuals who only see the surface level of everything and do not dig any deeper. The only conversation they appear capable of is to state things that are already obvious.

I’ll use a metaphor: let’s say you are both looking at a pen and conversing about it. The obvious (and thus irrelevant) thing to note about it is the colour of the pen, or what the pen looks like, or even a little deeper about what it’s made of. They could even go into extra details that are not necessary to the function of the pen, like what company it was made by, then maybe what else that company does, etc, etc. What I’m interested in is what the pen can be used FOR, not what it IS. All that surface level information about what the pen is, is blindingly obvious and tedious to talk about. A much better conversation would be about what the pen can be used to do, or how it was manufactured and examples of how other pens are manufactured and compare the two to find the best solution using all the possibilities available. I want to talk about the amazing stories that could be written with the pen, the great music, or even the history of the pen and how it evolved, or how it could be used to travel into space. Anything but what the pen actually is right now; or who has, is interested in attaining, or has a better pen, has a cousin who knows someone who makes pens, etc, etc, and if someone insists on talking about this I will assume they are stupid because they’re talking about something that’s obvious to a kindergarten student, or are deflecting having a real conversation by changing the subject to interpersonal relationships.

You can substitute almost any subject in place of the pen and it will still be true. This isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it makes some people a chore to talk with.

This doesn’t mean that person IS stupid, but they certainly SEEM stupid, and often that’s all the information you ever get about them.


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