sightseersYou may have heard of the excellent 2011 British horror film Kill List, a collaboration between Ben Wheatley and Amy Jump. Fast forward to 2012 and they’ve reunited to produce offbeat black comedy thriller, Sightseers — less somber in tone and many times more in doses of humor.

Written by Steve Oram and Alice Lowe [both of whom also starr as lead characters], this film revolves around two lovebirds who take off on a caravanning trip around England.

Chris is a loving boyfriend to Tina, who lives with a cranky old mother at home. Wanting to break free from routine, Tina accepts his offer of going on a week long getaway — with his MPV and a caravan in tow. Along their journey, they meet strangers who manage to annoy Chris with the most trivial of transgressions. One bloke dirties the tour bus with a scrap of ice-cream wrapper and refuses to pickup the garbage. And poetic justice (or karma) punishes the litter bug when later, Chris accidentally runs him over [and leaves him for dead] in the parking lot. Nothing must get in the way of a fun-filled holiday!

The narrative trots along and accelerates in morbidity as Tina and Chris gain rapport as partners-to-be on a killing spree. They bond over common interests, shared world views, and begin a string of random murders with such bizarre violence and hilarity that would make all seven psychopaths in Seven Psychopaths seem like amateurs in kiddyland. Sightseers is clever, well-paced and entertaining. Alice Lowe has a flair for scenes involving awkward situations and delivers [her performance as Tina] with a great sense of deadpan comic timing.

Morbid humor in the league of dead-baby jokes isn’t for everyone. But if you enjoyed films such as Harold & Maude, look no further than this for flashes of chuckle and some laugh out loud moments.



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    • It’s hilarious, I’m a little surprised at how lukewarm reception has been. And you’re kidding! I like your film reviews even better than some official review sites out there. 😛

      PS: My blog’s wordpress theme is free, just required some customization and that’s it.

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