Cloud Atlas

cloud atlasBy now, tattoo artists around the world have a generic template modelling “the comet”. Scores of consumers are once again buying the myth of birthmarks being evidence of reincarnation — in cinema slang, this is a Chekhov’s Gun winThat said; compared to a similar (but superior) adaptation Life of Pi, produced with 3D budget and discusses the same controversial topics — Cloud Atlas comes away as a superficial and loud film executed in fodder and haste — mind rape.

A vile of mediocre short films labelled Cloud Atlas opened in cinemas last week. It has execution so pretentious that it makes The Man From Earth and Inception look like great cinema, and reduces David Hume’s lifelong inquiry into causality resemble middle-school homework.

I am surprised by the fact that its screenplay is written by creators of The Matrix. And that the finished product has been claimed as a vision of “cinematic art”. If that claim is true, then Cloud Atlas is poor quality of the elite abstractionist tendency.

Apart from lack of fusion with the novel’s main theme on predacity, the problem with this film is: attention is solely floating on incoherent tangents comprising of pop-philosophical themes (explained in analyses here and here), with no heed whatsoever being paid to observers who reward this so-called “art” with viewership (time, attention, effort, money). By failing to deliver, the film is making mockery out of 1) cineliteracy, 2) rigorous directors (Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, Jean-Luc Godard, Michael Haneke, Wong Kar Wai) and 3) movie goers who actually respect and love film aesthetics..

The negative experience stems from a jarring inconsistency — intellectual, high minded inquiry on quantum physics and random chance concluded with a deus ex machina ending that exploits dramatic effects bordering on cliché (love is the answer because it conquers all… love and spiritual belief explains the phenomena… believe in consciousness and fate because they transcend time, universe and era… they determine the course of your lives.)

It is my opinion that (jagged and broken) non-linear editing is a cop-out passing off as being “abstract”; for the challenging task of fusing six stories in one graceful, coherent tapestry. The real shame is; if done right, this tapestry serves as symbolic-simultaneity between two entities — the consciousness and the cinema.

Potential in an elegant rhetorical device is squandered blindly.

Bottom line is, why let the promise of visual effects and Hollywood casts seduce you into enabling more of such film productions? Wait for it to air on TV if you are genuinely curious about the hype this film has been generating.

I cannot help but think that Cloud Atlas hammers personal agendas down the throats of audiences, who expect a decent piece of entertainment.

All said about this film‘s defecation outburst of charlatan shits.


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2 responses to “Cloud Atlas

    • Yes it was a massive waste of time. Nothing that hasn’t been done before in cinema. Had its filmmakers treated the material with less intellectual dishonesty, viewing experience would’ve been more meaningful (for me, personally).

      * shakes head sadly *

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