Game: Pick Your Zombie Apocalypse Team

I would have gone with Alyona, Daniel and Michael!


  • The world has fallen to zombies, and only a fraction of the population isn’t affected
  • Most other survivors have either joined bandit gangs or been enslaved by them
  • You need to travel to Washington D.C., London, Tel Aviv, Bangui, Bueno Aires, Moscow, Beijing, Calcutta, and Tokyo to collect information necessary to figure out the mystery behind the zombie disease, and discover a cure
  • ALTERNATIVELY you can try to settle down and repopulate the earth while ending off zombies and bandits
  • You can choose ANY THREE of the following companions to accompany you, but if they aren’t compatible, some of them might leave if you can’t mediate the situation

Zombie Apocalypse Game



World War Z

World War Z

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies

Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil: Retribution


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