looperIn this latest film by Rian Johnson (The Brothers Bloom, Breaking Bad); the premise is old but execution, superb. Looper is very entertaining for a time travel science-fiction thriller

Now that I have gotten sensationalistic thoughts out of the way, there is no doubt that it is a tad cluttered (or misleading) for something sold as “sci-fi time travel”. But hey… if Looper is messed up, then 2046 must be fucking depraved.

Considering the number of films in this genre (Source Code, Frequency) tend to lure viewers in with the promise of paradoxical intrigue only to finally climax in a cesspool of logical absurdities [and thereby, obliterating any fun or entertainment I could have possibly gleaned from the entire viewing experience]… I’d say Looper concluded with a nice touch.

Eight out of ten either cop-out of the premise in their final acts, or bend the rules of time travel so far out of shape that narrative collapses under the weight of a rigid past-present-future timeline.

At least, Looper was entertaining enough to finish in one sitting without cussing. The appeal lies in not taking it too seriously.



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