The Dark Knight

the dark knightWhen Batman, Gordon and Harvey Dent launch an assault on the mob, they let the clown out of the box, the Joker, bent on turning Gotham on itself and bringing any heroes down to his level.

In 2008; Iron Man was entertaining, but The Dark Knight redefined comic book adaptations. It is a masterpiece. It blew me away. The directing, cinematography and acting were well conducted. An obscene amount of cash and thought were heavily invested in production design. Insignificant flaw in the story though… I felt it was more spoken than experienced when the Joker was made to clarify his notion of chaos in the hospital scene. Joker was a sadist, cleverly played and immortalized by the untimely death of Heath Ledger. I would have preferred if things remained that way.

But no amount of philosophy will ruin the pleasure of seeing Bruce Wayne cut through the night on his batpod, wind beating against his cloak. (Stills photography failed to replicate the mood painted in the film, this DP is truly in a class of his own) It’s one of the best “oh man…” moments in superhero movies I’ll ever remember. Batman is so fucking cool.



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